Materiel Management and Logistics

Best-in Class Supply, Warehouse and Distribution Management Services

ATS offers a full portfolio of flexible, value added materiel management and logistical services tailored to the base enterprise supply chain. Distinguished by centralized management and the decentralized execution of all support services, ATS Materiel Management and Logistics integrates into a single, streamlined and cost-smart operation virtually everything that is purchased, inspected, stored, moved, delivered, maintained, shipped or accounted for.

Fiercely focused on reducing cost without sacrificing quality—and proven at today’s most visible and demanding air support environments, ATS customer-focused services help reduce sourcing cycle times, improve equipment availability and lower materiel purchasing, warehouse and maintenance costs while enhancing overall operation productivity, sustainability and safety. For faster, smarter and more reliable supply, warehouse and distribution operations, contact ATS and ask about our Materiel Management and Logistics services.